Saturday, March 28, 2009

I LOVE This Guy!

New Kombucha Flavors!

If you know me, you'll know my love for Kombucha! You know the Chinese tea, plant, or a mushroom that's not really any of these. In actuality, It's a delicious beverage made of living cultures of beneficial microorganisms AND G.T.'s has just come out with some Amazing, brand new flavors!!

I have tried a few of them now, and I must say they have easily become my favorites. The subtle lavender notes in Botanic No.3 along with the elderberry juice make it particularly pleasing to the pallet and The Super Fruit Powers of the YumBerry and Goji Berry make the new Synergy flavor (aptly called SuperFruits) one to keep chilled in the fridge regularly.

The complete list of the new flavors are:

Botanic No.3 (lavender, elderberry)
Botanic No.9 (bilberry, honeysuckle, red clover)
Botanic No.7 (hibiscus, orange peel, ginger and chamomile)

Superfruits (goji, yumberry, camu camu)

So head to Whole Foods or your local nutrition shop and Try 'Em!! You'll LOVE 'em!! I said so! ;-)

Thx G.T.!!