Friday, November 14, 2008

On your knees and Worship!!

Yes, I said it. Oh, and while you're down there....haha, kidding (kinda). BUT I'm not kidding about SAD or seasonal affective disorder!
Winter is upon us and in many parts of the country (thankfully not mine, but I'm not rubbing it in...well, ok a little. ;-) The sun is waning or has been completely MIA. There's a few reasons that lack of sunlight can getcha down, that being the warmth factor we crave, the lack of outdoor activities available (cabin fever), but most importantly is the nutrition that sunlight brings to our bodies in the form of vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is considered both a vitamin AND a hormone because our bodies, when exposed to sunshine, can produce it. During the winter months we are most likely to have a decline in D levels and become vulnerable to the winter blues.
How to beat it? Well if you live in a warmer climate you don't really have an excuse to get outside everyday and enjoy at least 15 mins of sun exposure, no need to slather on the sunscreen for this, please. That's enough time to give your body to make some vitamin D. If however you're holed up in Boston with no forecast of anything but mostly cloudy for weeks on end, I recommend taking a quality D supplement with at least 400IU a day. 400-800IU is a safe bet, you don't really wanna go over that with the D.
I, of course take mine in my Super Duper Multi-Cap from Life Extension. THE BEST multiple that's out there, trust me, I've tried everything. The links to the right if you want to check them out. ....Now, let's go hit the bed!... The sunbed, sheesh... =)

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