Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smart Boozin'!

I get asked by a lot of people about alcohol and it's affect on the body in terms of health and fitness. I have a saying, Everything in Moderation (including moderation, hehe). The same is applicable with alcohol. I know far too many of you, personally, that have had one too many hangovers and no, they're never pretty! (Nor does the night before ever seem as fun when the head is a throbbin'!) The hangover is actually caused by a toxin released by the candida (yeast) spores reacting in your gut (incubator). As you most know, alcohol is basically sugar, and it breaks down as such in the body. Sugar is fuel, or energy for yeast to feed on and grow, and thus causing all sorts of heath malaises in the body. Out of control yeast growth is rampant, and it's even compounded if you take anti-biotics and medications that wipe out your healthy flora and fauna in your gut.

Soooo. That aside. Can you still have a drink with some random person you picked up in the dark, back alley of a bar?... sure! But next time, go easy on the amount and do what I like to call "Smart Drinking" and go easy on the sugar!

My recommendation is:

1. NO FRUIT JUICE, the things it does to insulin and the sugar in it is crazy! Plus, most bar juice isnt juice..its sugar water concentrate with like maybe 5% juice added.. its poison and is perfect food for yeast to feed on!!

2. Don't Mix alcohols - Long Islands really AREN'T that good!! (and you'll be thanking me in the morning)

3. Stick to Soda!! By far the lowest sugar drink you could do is a high quailty vodka with plain soda water (not tonic). Throw in a lime or lemon wedge for some added flavor and your'e good to go. There's also some premium brands infused with blueberries and pomegranates so get yourself some anti-oxidants with that cocktail!

4. Go easy. Don't over do it. Have fun. And don't ever drive Drunk.




Anonymous said...

I've given up alcohol completely for the last month and will continue to do so, but why do I feel so tired all the time now?

I didn't have a 'problem' but drank white wine & soda every night for months and thought it time to stop, but I am so tired now is this because I am missing the sugar?

Justin J. McCoy said...

Dear Anon.

Congrats on ditching the booze and soda!! You're better off for it and your liver is thanking you. =)
I can safely bet (but cant obviously say 100%) that you probably burnt out your adrenals with all that sugar and refined carbs. That could be cause for your current state of tiredness.

Try some natural pick me ups if your day feels like its dragging. I like ginseng (Eleuthero Root), teas, and other herbs that give you an energy boost.

Try a mid-day nap too if you can, and remember to drink water! Exercise also has a cumulative effect on energy levels, and you'll find the more you do, the more energy you'll have thru your day.


Rex said...

Why do I get hangovers? Where do they come from? and what can I do to make them go away?


Justin J. McCoy said...

Dear Rexster,

Quit drinking...Hangovers - solved!